Star Trek: Discovery - "Perpetual Infinity"  Michael dies and sees her mom, and then wakes up too soon. But that's ok, Spock is there to save the day ...View Details

The Airiam Misdirect

Star Trek: Discovery - "The Red Angel"  We like this one, a lot. We have been misdirected again, and again, in the last couple of episodes and we like...View Details

Admiral Facepalm

Star Trek: Discovery - "Project Daedalus"  Vickie and Elizabeth have different opinions on this episode, though both agree the fabulous fancy flying o...View Details

Yeah, the Beard Works

Star Trek: Discovery - "If Memory Serves"    If you have not seen the original series pilot episode "The Cage," stop now, run, don't walk, and go watc...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "Light & Shadows"  Oh look, it's Spock. Finally. Still no answers on the red angel thing and we're starting to yawn. But wa...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "The Sounds of Thunder"  We are intrigued by this story - could Saru's species undergo a fascinating change that has resulted i...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "Saints of Imperfection"  A tale of loss and gain, this episode brings Dr. Culber back from the dead, but Tilly loses her "frie...View Details

Crossing the River Styx

Star Trek: Discovery - "An Obol for Charon"  Another great episode where Star Trek boldly takes on aspects of death and then, maybe less boldly, steps...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "Point of Light" We both liked this episode a lot (even though the Michael-Amanda-Spock storyline bordered on soap opera-esque ...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "New Eden" 9.5 out of 10! We love this episode! It's a story that feels like the original series, complete with ethical questio...View Details

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